This past Christmas break I had the great opportunity to experience the joy of getting my wisdom teeth surgically removed. For those of you who haven’t yet had the honor, you’re lucky. If you have then you know very well what I mean when I say there is a lot of down time, and that one of the only things you’re allowed to do after a surgery is lay on the couch and watch TV. Now, being in the Christmas mood, I turned the TV on and flipped through the channels until I came to the Hallmark Channel. I spent two days of my life on that station watching Christmas films.

Here’s a fun fact for you; all Hallmark Christmas films are the same...

What sorts of cheering keep us running in our races of life? It’s fairly safe to say that parents, grandparents, and other family members give us support and encouragement when we want to give up. Some of us have that friend, classmate, or coworker who always shares a friendly smile and reassures us that we are doing great. As a future pastor, I have been encouraged and supported by many pastors, teachers, and members of my congregations over the years. However, the horrible consequences of sin make it so that even these well-intentioned earthly supporters can’t always help us keep running.

We are excited to announce our official band name, Jonah Backus and the Conquerors, based on Romans 8. This section of the Bible perfectly summarizes the message we want to share in our music ministry. It also happens to be one of our favorite chapters in the Bible, and therefore is a fitting inspiration for our band name.

Welcome to our newly created website. We appreciate you stopping by to check out what we have going on so far! We're so grateful and overwhelmed by all the feedback and support we've received since the release of Jonah's first single, Somewhere Safe. We are excited to announce that the second single, Day of Glory, is now available on YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, and ITunes!...

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