Days of Grace

This past Christmas break I had the great opportunity to experience the joy of getting my wisdom teeth surgically removed. For those of you who haven’t yet had the honor, you’re lucky. If you have then you know very well what I mean when I say there is a lot of down time, and that one of the only things you’re allowed to do after a surgery is lay on the couch and watch TV. Now, being in the Christmas mood, I turned the TV on and flipped through the channels until I came to the Hallmark Channel. I spent two days of my life on that station watching Christmas films.

Here’s a fun fact for you; all Hallmark Christmas films are the same. A big city girl with a successful career finds herself caught up in a quaint little town that doesn’t even appear on a map. However, the people of that town are the nicest people that she’s ever met, including the very eligible bachelor who seems to take a liking to her, even though they seem to have nothing in common. She has no plans to stay, but there’s always a snowstorm or a flight cancellation that forces her to stay longer than she had originally expected, and as the holidays draw closer this woman who had no real appreciation for the Christmas season finds herself being drawn closer to the town and, more importantly, the people there. Towards the end of the movie, after the viewers can sense the romantic tension between the couple, the woman is forced to make a decision between her newfound family and her career. To the dismay of the young man, she leaves and chases after her promotion, but the movie never ends there. The man chases her, and when all seems lost he finds her just in time before she boards that plane or gets into that cab. He spills his guts and pours out undying love to this girl and to finish the happy Christmas ending she leaves her career behind and returns to the little town with him to start their new life together.

Doesn’t this story sound familiar? We were dead in sin, we had nowhere to go. We were chasing after the things of the world, the things that never actually mattered and we had no idea of the happiness and joy that we were missing out on. Until one day through our baptisms in the water and the spirit God made us one of his own children and introduced us as part of his own royal family and calls us by a new name. Through the reading of his word we are drawn to the beautiful message like a moth to a light. Our souls find a new wholeness and a new meaning of belonging in this new family.

But the devil works hard and he plants seeds of doubt, selfishness, and rebellion and our sinful natures revert to their old ways, the ways of the world and trust the promises that it can’t keep. We flee from our heavenly father and chase after whimsical things that only cause temporary happiness. Right when we’re about to be lost, and right when we are at our lowest God chases after us like the hero gentleman in all those Hallmark movies. He declares us heirs to his kingdom and gives us a royal diadem to wear. He gives us a new beginning and secures our happy ending through his son Jesus Christ who gave us a clean slate to write on that he paid for with his blood.

As we enter into each new day let us be reminded of the new life that we are given by our heavenly father who loves us and of the happy ending we can be sure of through the sacrifice of his own dear son. In whatever we do in the days we spend here on this earth let us do everything with a newfound purpose, and live our lives as heirs to an eternal family.


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